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Steel Making

Mould Fluxes for Continuous Casting Steel expand_more

Spherical or powder type, granules with excellent spreading, insulation, lubrication, inclusion absorption and heat transfer control characteristics at the interface between the solidifying shell and the mold.

Exothermic Mould Fluxes expand_more

Mould fluxes for special continuous casting situations such as start-ups machine and prolonged speed reductions. Products for steel grade with particular requirements.

Tundish Cover Material expand_more

Powder or granulated active and/or insulation with low emission of particulates.

Synthetic Slag expand_more

Auxiliary materials for the metallurgical treatment of steel with high absorption of inclusions.

Nozzle filler for ladle sliding gates expand_more

Refractory mixtures adjusted to each specific process ensuring high and consistent rates of free opening of sliding gates of ladle and electric furnace.

Exothermic device for sliding gates openings in steel making expand_more

Auxiliary device for the oxygen driven sliding gates opening process. Guarantee speed and safety in opening sliding gates of ladles and electric furnace.

Mould Fluxes for Ingot Casting expand_more

Appropriate materials for the perfect superficial surface of ingots, with low specific consumption and reduced dust emission.

Refractory Materials

Basic Bricks expand_more

Chrome-free brick, magnesia-spinel brick, will introduce the magnesia-chrome brick.

Clay and high alumina brick expand_more

High alumina, clay, will introduce a variety of alumina-silica bricks.

Combined alumina-silica bricks expand_more

Insulation brick, will introduce a combined brick.

Silicon carbide bricks expand_more

Abrasion resistance offers a superior silicon carbide brick in spalling resistance. Cement kiln, it has gotten used in waste incinerators, boilers and the like.

Process Engineering

Labor saving
Automatic handling line
Challenging difficult automation
Consulting freely from planning stage

High Temperature Kiln

Shuttle Kiln
Tunnel Kiln
Roller Kiln
Mesh Belt Kiln
Microwave Kiln

Coating Systems

AABS Coating
Emissive Coat
Fiber Coat
Silent running SR1000 Tempcoat 101


Bio Soluble Fiber
Ceramic Fiber

Ceramic Welding Materials

external hot-repair, sealing by ceramic welding
refractory cutting by use of water-cooled chain-saw
placing anchors for refractory stabilization

Machineries and Equipment

Equipment for Automatic feeding of Nozzle Filler in Ladle
Equipment for Automatic Feeding of Nozzle Filler in EBT
Equipment for Automatic Feeding of Mold Powder in CCM
Equipment for inspection of refractory corroded parts

Cleaning Technology
pneumatic hammers expand_more

This method has been used to clean Coke Ovens since the earliest days of employing Ceramic Welding more than twenty years ago. This method is still widely used and has a history of success. Beroa NovoCOS offers this technology as part of the total service to our customers.

HSCT (High Speed Cleaning Technology)

Ceramic Welding
COS-Welding Machine expand_more

Machine can be positioned stationarily between 2 batteries. Up to 80 m hose length possible No disturbance for coke production Minimal downtime of repair work